Income Replacement Insurance

Is your MUG Covered?  If you were sick or injured and couldn’t work could you Cover Your MUG, Mortgage, Utilities, and Groceries?

71% of American employees live paycheck to paycheck.

If you have an Income Replacement policy in place it will pay your approximately 60% of your income TAX Free for 5 years, all the way up to age 67!

We insure our phones, our cars, and are homes… why not insure your paycheck!

In the last 10 minutes, 490 Americans became disable and cannot perform their job duties for at least 90 days due to an illness or injury.

New Feature! Income Replacement with a College Debt Rider!

Not only will the Income replacement policy pay your approximately 60% of your Income Tax Free, it will also pay your College Debt bill when you become sick and injured and can’t work…